Saturday, June 11, 2011

The wait list is an indicator of how long you will wait for your design. Wait times are subject to change with the length of the wait list. Estimate that 3-5 blogs will be completed per week.

Payments should be submitted via Paypal. You agree to the terms when you submit your non refundable deposit.

When purchasing a L.C. Graphic Design pre-made template or custom blog design you have the right to display this design but you do not have the right the change the design in any way. Adding and editing gadgets or posts is completely acceptable. However, you may not change, copy, or share any part of the layout, template, or design. If you decide that you would like to change your design simply reset your template and remove any elements designed by L.C. Graphic Design. Each blog design and pre-made template comes with a L.C. Graphic Design button that links back to this site along with text that states the design was created by L.C. Graphic Designs. This button must stay on your site as long as the design does.

To add your name to the wait list please submit your $10 deposit via the payment button above. I will then contact you when I am ready to get started on your design. 
In order to install your design I will need access to your blogger login information. I recommend changing your password temporarily while I am working on your blog. You can change it back to your secure password once I am finished.